Human Centric

Assiting concentration and helping preparing for relax

It is widely known that ipRGC is most responsive to 490nm wavelength region, of which presence directly influences on intrinsic control of Melatonin secretion. ACROSENTEC provides new lineup for human centric light solution that can help maintaining a good biocircadian rhythm. Enhanced and rich cyan wavelength can improve alertness and concentration while minimum of which can help prepare for rest and relaxing.

Experience ACROSENTEC’s superior performance human centric lighting through its maximized (for alertness) M/P ratio (melanopic photopic ratio) while maintaining high efficacy and natural white color. ACROSENTEC also presents dual mode lighting solution combined with warm white (1800, 2000, 2200K, 2700K, 3000K) with minimum Cyan contents for relaxing.

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Full spectrum

The vivid reflection of light that resembles the Sunlight

ACROSENTEC launches new product with a full spectrum LED light in higher CRI(FH), the natural and vivid reflection of LED light that resembles the Sun. FH benefits the places and moments where most natural LED light is needed and helps ambiance with genuine color reflections.

Whilst no harmful UV is being emitted, a combination or tuning of dual, triple or more FH CCT will help make your place feel most like natural sun light around the clock.

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Apart from technical advancement, here we provide “MORE THAN JUST A TECHNOLOGY“

ACROSENTEC is able to provide an innovative ABL(ACROSENTEC Bespoke Lighting) service for each and every individual custom LED project in order to facilitate a much higher level of individual customer satisfaction. Therefore, please allow ACROSENTEC to take up the challenge in turning your imaginations into successful and practical LED lighting solutions.

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Most important projects require thorough lighting planning and simulations. ACROSENTEC also provides accurate light simulation including LDT or IES files generation. Please contact us for more details.

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Constant Current

There are 2 important reason that LED must be driven by constant current not by constant voltage

If ambient temperature changes which is inevitable while charging LED, the LED ‘s VF-IF curve shifts towards left.
Under constant voltage driving, the input current will increase wattage and generate more heat which only deteriorate the junction temperature.

Along the length of linear fixture , input volt will drop. Whether or not human eye notices the brightness a,b,c,d
There is inconsistency in brightness while LED receives different current level. Eventually the life time of a, b, c and d is different from one another.
The working habit of previous page still applies here. Probably you have seen tape light with a lot of defect. Main reason can be non constant current input..

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In an effort to guarantee maximization of color consistency within or between product, ACROSENTEC provides full details of binning segment of CCT.
This will help customers to fulfill various demand at sites. MacAdam Ellipses 3 steps is another basic standard in our binning control program of production.

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Mac Adam Ellipses 2 steps

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